Learn My Little Known Method To Get FREE Products Shipped Right To Your Door...
Here's How It Works...
I've developed an inside track to several companies who sell products through ecommerce websites online. 

When they launch new products they are always hungry to give away free products.
It's A Win - Win!
As you probably know... word of mouth is one of the most powerful things a small business can have. This is why a lot of new sellers are surprisingly willing to give away free products! 
Limited Subscriber Spots Available Per Day 

How Online Sellers Win: 
They get their new products in the hands of hundreds of people within a matter of days. This allows them to boost their brand awareness and get valuable feedback from real people in the real world, all while increasing their presence and following on social media. 

How You Will Win When You Join: You get 95-100% off rebates after purchasing these brand new products. All you have to do is subscribe and wait for emails featuring these free product giveaways. If you want to help the sellers even more and thank them for the freebie, share your experience on your social media platform of choice!

There HAS To Be A Catch, Right?
If you're thinking this, it's totally normal. This is the number one reaction I always get. The fact is, there is no catch! We started this program as a Facebook group back in March of 2017 and it quickly grew. Everyone loved it so much that we recently transitioned it to this online newsletter where it's easier to deliver information about the freebies FAST.

Right now we send out anywhere from 4-8 giveaways per month so as not to overwhelm your already full inbox. The emails are short and share the product. If you want one, just follow the instructions in the email to connect with the seller and claim your freebie!

We've been giving out 90-100% discounts for a few years now... You can see why this is so popular! 
IMPORTANT: It's Free For You to Join... 
But We Have Some Rules... 
Rule #1: If you claim a freebie, make sure to follow through!
Often for these freebies the seller will give you a discount code. Once you get this code, BE SURE TO USE IT! If you get a code and don't use it it will often expire and it will not help the seller boost their brand awareness.

To keep our good reputation with sellers (and keep getting awesome freebies) we need everyone who signs up to follow through.
Rule #2: If you review or share your experience on social media, be constructive,  helpful and honest... 
If for some reason you are not satisfied with a product... which is unlikely, but possible... then we ask that you share it with us at our Stephen's Free Stuff email address. We will collect and pass this information along to the product owner, so they can adjust the product issue and improve it for future buyers.

This is important because I want to maintain and represent only the best and highest quality of brands and products online. 

Please be courteous and professional. If you love the product (which happens often) and want "bonus points" feel free to share on a favorite social media channel or leave a review. This is not required but it helps these new sellers a ton!

Explain specifically what you most liked about the product, how it was helpful to you and who you think could benefit from the product. Other online sellers do see this and it helps us get more sweet giveaways for you! Again, if you want to leave a review, that's a huge plus but not a requirement for joining this newsletter.
Rule #3: You must be located in the USA 
At this time Stephen's Free Stuff is only available for the United States marketplace. If you're based outside of the USA, many rebates and giveaways will not apply.

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